Thursday, October 13, 2016

Final flight

This is my last "close call" story of this epic journey. I woke up in Hamburg and took the subway to the airport. I only needed to change the train once so it was easy peasy even though my local friend was sure that I have to change at least 3 times. What? I was going to a freaking airport. Can't be that difficult. I arrived to the airport in good time like 1,5h hours before the flight. I started checking the departures from the screens and I couldn't find my flight. I was!?! There was one flight to Prague but the departure time was about 5 minutes later than I rememberer and the number of the flight didn't resemble the image that I had in my mind. Why Prague you might ask. It was not the cheapest way to get to Helsinki via Prague but the timing was perfect and and the price was still okay. 

I connected to the airport's free wifi to check the ticket from my mobiles email just to realize that I was at the wrong terminal and the flight actually half an hour earlier than I had remembered. Hahahaaa...I never learn. I guess I should check the time of my flights like a day earlier or so to prevent this kind of accidents. Weeell, I rushed to the other terminal and made it in time even though I had to drop my backpack to a special luggage drop point. Luckily I was early enough at the airport but to be honest my heart beat couple of extra beats when I understood what had happened. 

After having spent 26 months on the road I was going to back to Finland. I'm not quite sure how I felt. In a way I was anxious to see my friends but on the same time I was a bit sad since I knew that this was gonna be an end to my journey, at least in a way. I wasn't sure if I was gonna stay in Finland for good, I still don't know, but I knew that it would at least take a few months before I would leave again. If I would leave again. I'm gonna write more about my thoughts later on but now I'm gonna finish the close call story. 

It's always smooth ride on a
propeller plane. 
Once we were sitting on the plane it came obvious that were not gonna leave Hamburg on time. Some kind of problems what so ever. This was kind of a problem to me since I only had one hour to transfer in Prague. Being half an hour behind the flight schedule was really getting on my nerves but I just needed to think that there's nothing I could do. I was also thinking about my luggage. If I would eventually make my connecting flight to Helsinki, would they have enough time at the airport to transfer my luggage also. At Prague I literally ran through the terminal to catch my final flight of this journey. Boy was I happy when I realised that I'm actually gonna make it They had just opened the gate once I arrived. Not even close to miss the flight! :D Well like 10-15 minutes or so but still ;D

I arrived to Helsinki on a not so beautiful summer day with my luggage. I walked through the customs as the "seen-on-tv-customs-drug-god" sniffed me on the way. I was in Finland. I mean holy shit, I was in Finland!!!

ps, more to come later on. The blog ain't finished till I say so ;)

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