Saturday, January 16, 2016


I've been thinking how or what to write to this entry. Somehow I feel like I ought to be totally open but then again this is a traveling blog. Maybe I just need to do exactly as I've been doing with my journey, go with the flow.
In my precious entry I promised to tell you why I had a schedule to be in Wellington on a certain date. There's usually a woman behind every story and this is no exception. I had promised to meet a girl in Wellington and that is what I did and since she also had a schedule I needed to do some adjustments to my my non-existent schedule. As I said, this is a traveling blog and hence I'm not gonna go into details (I know you want to know but I don't kiss and tell!) but for several reasons I'm gonna fast forward all the way to the time of my xmas post (there's the link to it if you want to refresh your memory), and I know that I'm quite a bit behind with my blog but writing it is also a mood&place related. Sometimes I'm just too busy exploring or just simply don't feel like writing.
Helipad made from flowers! These Kiwis....
"Hmmm...I just don't feel this place. I think I'm
not gonna buy this. Sorry"
The "detectives" of you already put some clues together and may have realised that I was to spend my xmas with this woman. Yes, but like I wrote in my xmas post there's always a curve ball. That's all I'm gonna say about that matter now but I am gonna tell you a little bit more about my xmas though.
I actually ended up having some fun. There was a nice bunch of people at my hostel and cool beverages and the cheapest bottle of whiskey that I found also helped a bit :D Me and this German dude called Inan barbecued on three or four consecutive days and I enjoyed it so much as a bbq lover. On xmas day there was a huge bbq party for the hostel owner had also invited his friends and relatives and it was a total xmas extravaganza! Good crack! (Scottish for good times, not the drug you bozos!)
Barbecuing some snacks with Inan. Burgers and sausages.
Grinch! Muahhahahaa
and the xmas day bbq with this crazy Chilean
"product of New Zealand" Muahahhaa.
Even with coke it was s****. No offence NZ,
but stick to wines.
There was also light in the end of the tunnel. I was to meet the girl one more time before her flight back home but for that I needed to do some serious hitching again. I left New Plymouth without actually seeing anything there but I didn't care. Sometimes following your flow works like that =)
I was heading to Auckland and it was a good 300-400km to north from NP.
It took me 3 different rides again but once again it was worth it. Not only did I save money but I also met interesting characters. One of the coolest things that happened me that day was this couple who saw me hitching and decided to stop. I noticed that their car was fully loaded to they were not gonna offer me a ride, nope, instead they made their business just to ask if I had sun screen on me and they offered some more. They did apologise for the fact that they couldn't offer me a ride also :D Kiwi hospitality!
This one guy I met was a British environmental activist who was fighting agains the spraying of chemicals in NZ but was getting tired for getting no backup from Kiwis. He actually gave me 4 DVD:s covering this subject but since I don't have a DVD drive I haven't watched them yet. There are articles, sad articles, about the subject online if you're interested.
I even got picked up by a single woman. I actually asked her why she gave me a ride and she said that I looked harmless enough but that she wouldn't normally do it. I take that as a complement.
Once again I was lucky. The girl giving me the ride happened to live on the same street that my hostel was located so I, once again, got delivered straight in front of the hostel. It appeared that I had chosen my hostel wisely. My hostel happened to be in the "red light-district" of Auckland with loads of nudie bars and prostitutes around. Entertainment, check! ;)

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