Thursday, October 15, 2015

Let’s get serious for a moment.

Today I was walking in a rainy Frankfurt (I’m gonna write about what I’ve done between Munich and Frankfurt later on) and I started thinking about how I feel and how I see my life at the moment. Some people have asked me, acceptably, whats going on in my mind after being on the road such a long time (16 months now). 

Usually I feel depressed on a cold, rainy day but today I felt just fine and it made me wanna say something other than the usual traveling stuff.
I gave up a lot and many important things when I decided to leave Finland for traveling but isn’t life about relinquishing? You just need to decide what you are willing to sacrifice for your happiness since you can’t have everything. 

I'm thankful for many things but the most thankful I’m for my friends. I have already thanked my friends in my previous posts but I think you all deserve another one. My visit back to Finland made me realise that my friends back in Finland ain’t gonna disappear if I’m away for some time. And then there are the friends abroad that are willing to let me stay at they homes and sometimes for a long time. You can’t imagine how much this has helped me on my journey and I don’t mean the money. Mostly it has given me some time to think and to make decisions about the future. So once again a huge thank you to all those people who contacted me or met/visited me in Finland. You mean a lot to me. 

I don’t know exactly what I wanted to say other that I’m good and I'm enjoying the things I do! There’s some bad days of course but without them there wouldn’t be good ones, yay? And if the majority of days are on the positive side I can’t really complain, which is something I haven’t been doing btw!

And because some of you might now know the difference between being happy or sad, here's an example of both of those emotions. Next to me in these pictures is my friend Lilly who is a woman so that all the ladies can relate to her expressions and doesn't feel excluded ;)
This is how you look when you're
sad. (the picture was taken in a sad
..and this is how you should look like
when you're happy. (this was an
accident since there's nothing
funny about the place)

Just to let you know and to make you jealous, this is the last day for me in Europe during this upcoming winter. And you do know that “the winter is coming”. (I know, lame-o) 

As my plane touches the ground after the flight it’s gonna be about 25°c which is enough for me. 

Yours, Teemu

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  1. Here we are if you need us =) cold november weather and wondering when to change winter tires