Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lucky me and Nuremberg, check!

Ten minutes after I had booked my flight from Helsinki to Düsseldorf Lilly (the girl in my previous post) contacted me to ask how I was doing and when was I gonna leave Finland again. I told her that her timing couldn't have been better. Five minutes later I (we) had a scheme how things could go once I land to Germany. Three weeks from that I was waiting in Nuremberg for Lilly to pick me up. Who is Lilly? Where's my manners? I apologise. I met Lilly in Hanoi, or it's probably the vice versa. She met me in Hanoi since she told me that she remember seeing me in my red hoodie (really, I was wearing a RED hoodie. <-- sarcasm alert), eating a Banh Mi (me, eating my favourite dish in Vietnam, whooooah) on a beer corner. Come on, me in a beer corner. It just doesn't make any sense. Well it is the truth though.
I bet you don't remember this one, Lilly (from Hanoi 2014)
Anyway (aaaanyhow <- just for you Lilly, or should I say Lis* *****) Once again I apologise for the stuff in parenthesis and the inside stuff but I just couldn't resist my self. Flesh is weak.

So there I was waiting for Lilly to surf her couch. Once she rouse from her "piquant" red VW she was exactly like I remembered her to be, except way taller. Joyful was the reunion!
Lilly scraping of some rust from her (t)rusty car. <--humour!!
And as a gentleman I'm enjoying doing nothing.
Well not exactly nothing. I gave these spray cans
a good shake. Shake it baby!
After one night on the couch I upgraded into my own room. Luckily for me one of Lilly's flat mates went away for a holiday and I was allowed to stay in her room. I must have done something right at some point of my life. I ended up spending a really chilled and great week in Nuremberg. While Lilly had some responsibilities I was exploring the city and then we met somewhere for coffee or went for a ride in the neighbouring areas like franconian switzerland for example.
Autumn colours.
But by far the best accomplishment for this week was my decision about the where to go next. Lilly also helped me with that one by recommending a travel agency and giving me a push into certain (right?) direction.

This is a keeper, right?
So as I'm writing this post and drinking coffee, yes you read correct, I'm having a coffee right now, I'm basically enjoying my present location chilling and waiting for my flight to the "final destination". I use the quote marks even though it's not a quote but to smoothen the definition. Nothing is final before it's final but my next destination has been kind of a dream of mine for some time.
We played Robin Hood and maid Marian in this enchanted
The city of Nuremberg sun bathing on a beautiful autumn day.
"Now you see me Now you don't"
Thank you once again Lilly and Martin (Lilly's other flat mate). It was a pleasure and a privilege to stay with you and to have great conversations.

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