Friday, June 27, 2014

Amterdam in pictures

A dunk too far. This basket is done. Period.

street art for Amsterdam

A view from the river side.

I kept asking the right direction but the dude
must have been mute. How rude!
park art
Spare ribs! All you can eat style and only for 11 euros.

Me and Aussie dude diving into all you can eat
spare ribs. Yep, we both ordered some more

Rijk Museum and its surroundings

I need amps, lots of amps


A canal, one of many. They got more of those than Venice!
Yeah baby, it's true.

Nice peaceful area to live

It's my bench! Don't ya forget it!

Suddenly, I feel like I need to pee.....

Tree is trying to move 5 meters to south. They say it's warmer there

What a burden to carry. 

Isn't this like the coolest slide ever.

If you're doctor good enough you get a statue for it...

My hostel

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