Monday, June 30, 2014

Reality is stranger than fiction

I gotta tell you about some of the characters I've seen so far. This is all from same hostel in Hague

1) Mr New Jersey. This guy arrives to Kingkool hostel where I'm staying and the first words are basically, "Hey, I know Bam Margera and I've got my own production company. We basically do all the video screen work at festivals in Europe" and then he tries to hit every single girl big time after telling how much he misses his wife and kids. Backpackers are usually really open minded people but Mr Jersey just got to everybody's nerves with gold hanging from the neck and everything being related to money. Seldom am I so happy to see somebody go. Well maybe I'm just pissed because I barbecued for this mofo and he ate my food but didn't chip in. Yarrr!

2)Mr Ian
Biggest dopehead I've ever seen. He came to Netherlands just to smoke weed and boy did he smoke. From the point he opened his eyes to the point he went to sleep. His record for one day was 8 grams in 8 hours. I guess it has got something to do with being in Iraq and Afganistan. He saw some serious shit there. But to be honest, I gotta somehow salute him because of his dedication. I've never seen such an artist when it comes to rolling a joint. You know those moments when you just cant stop staring like when you have a nice outdoors fire. You just stare the flames. I tried to make an educational video about joint rolling but he said he's gonna choke if the camera is rolling.
Ian, may the gods of weed be in your side but for gods sake, try to cut back at least for some :D

3)Mr Sew something something.
One day a dude called Jason asked me if I wanna go for a bike ride to see Sew's house. As always I was like "Why not!" It started to be a bit creepy at the point when Sew started to tell why he is staying at the hostel. He is being accused of pedophilia and some dudes are gonna lynch him if he goes back to his flat. that point Jason had bailed and I was alone with Sew going too see what damage there is done to his flat by the lynch mob. Like this was not enough but the guy laughs all by himself. That's freaking scary stuff. Sew says it's all a misunderstanding and I'm willing to believe him but who knows what the truth is... Oh and I almost forgot. He says he's the Messenger of God or son of satan depending on the day. I was like -Sew, maybe you shouldn't say that kind of things to children. Imagine the situation. "MOM, the guy next door says he's the son of satan. Yesterday he was a messenger of god"
Casa Sew. Cousy isn't it!

Lynch mob threw some stuff through Sew's window

Some kids carved Sew's frontdoor

This used to be Sew's working table but now his laptop is stolen..

4)Mr John.
Amazing character. His done it all. He has got a heart transplant, new hips, he eats drugs worth 35k$ every year and is now a 5.3 million dollar man. His first trip was an LSD-trip at the age of 13. Two divorces and another break up on it's way. Used to know everybody in Las Vegas back in the days. He's been in my hostel 6 weeks now because his girlfriend is visiting her relatives here in Hague but they don't want to see John. I mean what the hell. He has only seen her lady 7 times during these 6 weeks. 

5) Mr Marco.
A crazy bastard from Italy but you just got to love him. Basically you only understand half of everything that's coming out of his pie hole. He's like Mr Beans lost twin brother and every time he has spoken to his wife he mopes and curses the gods and everybody. I've seen his phone fly two times already. That's the Italian temperament there. But boy can he cook! 
Marco on left and John on right with his hemp hat =)

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