Friday, June 27, 2014


I'm chilling in a park
I gotta say that I'm in love somewhat more or less. I don't know how in the hell have I managed to avoid Amsterdam so long and even more why? I spent there 5 nights and I'd like to say that I saw beyond the surface. Forget the prostitution and the coffee shops even though they're executed kind of nicely and you don't want to forget that red-light district is an esteemed residential zone also amongst students, artists and even families. There's like millions of Cafe's and shopping opportunities with small boutiques and markets. So why did I like Amsterdam so much since I don't drink coffee or like shopping. Well, It was the vibe, the atmosphere, the parks, the Dutch. Yes, Im loving the ladies here even though they're not loving me back :D  A couple of "Well Helloes" there If you know what I mean. Yarrr! And I do like the Dutch mentality about tolerance. As long as the Government gets it's money and it's not directly hurting anybody, that something can be tolerated.
Amsterdam with all its canals and bridges and parks easily outweighs Venice in my records whilst being a bit similar. One big difference is the cleanness for example although there happened to be a garbage strike when I arrived. The streets were filled with garbage and I thought that theres something wrong now. I hadn't imagined Amsterdam to be that untidy. Well, as said there was a strike and 2 days later everything was nice and tidy again.
Jenn is trying to balance herself over a pile of junk.
Muahhaaa, I met these two americans and they were looking for a celebrities to do a reality show. I had to say something about Honey Boo Boo, that is just wrong, wroooong. I offered myself as a Viking who is travelling around without a plan. "Give me a camcorder and the show is there". The funniest thing was that they said that if we had met one year earlier it could have been possible =) Thanks to you Mr.Finn (yes, his sir name was really Finn) and Jenn. It was a blast!
Jenn, Me and Mr. J.Finn

I can see the light!

Police watching people watching Netherlands play against Australia.
There were 5 officers all together just watching the game :D

Yep, there's Iittala in Amsterdam

This one I took for B.Nana

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