Monday, February 15, 2016

Update. (finally, one might say)

I know, I know. I've been a bad boy. No updates recently but here we go again. 

I left Bali with great enthusiasm because my next destinations was gonna be a nice surprise, for some. Most of you already know where I am because of my Facebook updates but for those who rely solely on this blog, I was going back to.....I'm gonna tell you soon. =) Let's go back in time just a little bit...

Like I told you before, I was running low on money in NZ and I needed to figure out how to proceed. I had basically two options.
1) Go back to Finland and find a job
2) Find a job somewhere else.
3) Win in Lottery.
4) Find a rich woman to support my lifestyle.
5) Go back to Borneo jungle and live from the forest. Fruits, ants etc.
6) (your ideas here)

Quite a few of these options were actually solid ones but to be honest, numbers 3&4 are almost the same. I mean finding a rich woman would be like winning in lottery and we all know what are the statistics for that and I'm not even talking about finding a rich woman. Just woman in general. The winter in Finland didn't sound appealing either and number 5, well... 

Now we come to the point when I saw the post on my friends timeline on Facebook. Number two was the answer. 
On my previous stay in Vietnam I ended up playing guitar in a bar in Dalat. The owners of the bar were actually keen on making a contract with me for playing there but I had already spend 6 months in Vietnam, my visa was expiring and I was mentally ready to be a tourist again so I thanked for the opportunity but decided to go traveling again. 

Actually this is the moment when we come to my friends facebook post. The bar I was playing at the previous time in Vietnam was looking for a musician. I sent them a message if the "deal" was still on and I got a reply telling me to come to Vietnam. I was going back to Dalat! Jiiihaaaa.

As you might remember, on my previous stay I stayed in a hostel called Wolfpack and became quite good friends with the Vietnamese couple running the hostel (btw, the hostel has been voted as second best hostel in Asia). I knew that I would always be welcome there and I also would gladly be there again. 

I flew from Denpasar (Indonesia) to Singapore where I had 10 hours layover. I have to tell you that I had one of the best McDonalds meals ever at the airport! God damn it tasted good. Don't know why but it was superb. 

From Singapore I flew to Saigon. It was early morning when I touched the ground of Vietnam but it kind of felt like coming home. The money was familiar, couple of millions in a pocket. No one understood anything I tried to say in Vietnamese and the coffee was still brilliant. 
From old memory I headed to the bus going to the city centre. Some changes had taken place though. The bus was relatively new with working AC and the route had changed. For some time I needed to follow my map app to make sure that we were actually heading to the place I wanted to go. 

Once in the city centre I walked straight to the bus firm that goes to Dalat and bough a ticket to the next available bus, which happened to leave in 30 minutes. Convenient! Hello and good bye Saigon :D

There I was, on my way to Dalat to surprise my friends. Of course I didn't tell the anyone that I was going back. That would ruin the surprise =)

To be continued.....


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  1. Nyt pitäs kyllä saada footagea sun keikoilta. Pääsis itsekin hieman "haistelemaan" baarin ilmapiiriä ja huippuartistien musaa.