Saturday, September 26, 2015

To be honest I'm quite surprised how calmly I took the information about my cancelled flight from Copenhagen to Düsseldorf. I guess I'm well "marinated" enough now a days that a little setback like that won't demoralise me =)
I had a nice chat with a SAS official and 15 minutes later I was booked on another flight. Thank you German Wings. 

So I landed in Germany about 3 hours late from my original ETA. Only thing I was worried about was  my luggage since Copenhagen's airport is know to lose quite a lot of aforesaid and the sudden change of the flight added possibilities to lose my backpack. My worries were in vain and I was reunited with my backpack just like it was supposed to be. 
Winefestival in Wattenscheid.
I've bee to Germany about one and half weeks now and my visit has basically followed the formula than my visit in June 2014. First to my friend Antti in Wattenscheid, Bochum and then to my another friend Jennifer in Velbert which is located only about half an hour from Wattenscheid. Practical!

I have aways liked Germany but this time I somehow like it even more. For example I'm a cold cut man. I need those with my morning rolls and I have to say that I almost shed tears when I went to a local supermarket and saw all those delicious cold cuts. Ham and salami in so many different ways. I really missed those in Asia and I didn't miss many things :)
Feel like using toilet? Don't use just
any toilet, use PiPi Lounge!
Don't even get me started with the sparkling wine. I think it is a crime that here in Germany you can get a nice bottle of dry bubbly for 3-4€ and back in Finland it's double the price at least. And these god damn Germans even have better salaries! <-- There's a first world problem for you all 

I think I attended a wine festival for the first time of my life. I haven't been a big wine drinker, excluding sparkling wine, but now I'm slowly learning those skills also. Although my original plan was not to start drinking wines until I turn 40. Well I guess I had a jump start. 
"I do like this vintage. It's fruity."
You can say what ever you want to about the Germans but they do know how to have fun. The wine festival was once again a great illustration of that fact. I don't understand the music they listen but the drinks and the foods are great. There was a guy singing German schlager music (which is unbearable) from a erected crane with a laser show. That's per se ain't so special but as soon as the guy sang this one specific song, which I don't remember at the moment, everybody grabbed the person next to themselves by the arms and started singing along and swinging back and forth as long "snake". That was a sight. It happened like magic. First everyone's just sipping their drinks and then suddenly the place is one huge wobbling drunken human centipede <--not referring to one specific movie. 
Sorry about the quality but you should be able to see the crane
and a shiny white figure singing (badly). Err...I guess
you can't tell that from a picture, can you?

But now I got to start preparing for tonights bbq party so stay tuned and Prost (cheers)!

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  1. That swinging back and worth thing is called "schunkeln"... ;-)