Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ramadan strikes again or to bus or not to bus.

After Kota Bharu's chicken feast I needed some exercise so I decided to head to a big national park in central Malaysia. Not gonna explain how I got there in many words but let's just say that it didn't go exactly as I "planned". No, wait...I have to tell you what happened because now I remember my major cock-up.
This time I even bought a ticket in advance to my next destination since I heard that there's not so many busses. It was an early morning bus and since my stomach can't handle a breakfast right after I have waken up I decided to have my breakfast at the bus station. "There'll be something!" - I told my self. 
Damn you ramadan! ;) Of course every single food stall was closed and not a single Chinese restaurant at the premises. "Well I guess I have something once we stop for a break." Hah!
We stopped once but none in the bus knew if it's gonna be a stop long enough to go by something. The driver didn't say anything but just left the bus and all the passengers were just looking at each other like "what the hell is going on?". Then the driver came back and drove the bus like 50 metres and left again. Well we just ended up all sitting in the bus and waiting for the driver to come back. No food. Well not that I there any restaurant was open but maybe I would have bought some crisps or so.

Once again heading somewhere on my own. I was the only
person in the bus.
It was about 4pm when I got to a place called Jerantut which is like a gateway to the national park itself. "Sir, taxi to the national park?" I went through the basic routine as I got of the bus and told them that "No thank you, I'm taking the bus."Mr google had told me that there is a bus that goes to the small village just next to the national park at 5pm so I had plenty of time to catch it.
"Sir, no bus today anymore. Only taxi. Next bus tomorrow morning"
"What the ****. I really thought that there is a bus at 5pm."
"No, tomorrow. You want to take a taxi?"
"No thank you."
Damn you Mr Google! Well I wasn't gonna give up that easily. I was convinced that it was only the basic taxi-driver scam to get me take the ride. I marched to the ticket sales booth and asked for the bus. 
"Tomorrow morning."
"What, you even got these timetables posted all over your sales booth that says 5pm"
"Yes, but not this week." 
Searched for the cheapest hostel, left my bags there and went to KFC for my first meal of the day. Time was then 6pm. Hey, I had just tried fasting :D

The national park itself was a disappointment. The hikes that you could do own your own were really short like few hours or so. The night walk was ok though. Managed to see Malaysian tarantula, tapir and a scorpion. Tapir was the coolest by far!

"Well it took me a while but in the end the tree fell."
"Spider? Snake? No, I think I saw boobs..."

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