Saturday, January 24, 2015

Vietnam roadtrip continues...

First an example of the Vietnamese friendliness. Me and Max needed some minor things to be done to our bikes and found a garage for that. The guy there worked for half an hour with our bikes but didn't want any money. We even tried to give he some money but he politely refused, gave us thumbs up and continued on other bikes. Nice!
Vietnames scenery
The next couple of days were quite good when it comes to the bikes. Well there were some problems with Emilie's bike but guys at the gasoline station fixed it and Rasmus lost one driving belt again so it was business as usual :) We just tried to get some kilometres and enjoy the scenery and the scenery was nice. No, nice is an understatement it was amazingly beautiful and it was getting better and better.

Doh. The drive belt snapped again. 
This is the latest issue of NASA's rain poncho. Sweet!

Finally got email from Lee. He had also suffered from a breakdown in Hanoi and had spend couple of hours in the garage. His gear changing lever had just fallen from the bike so he also needed to push the bike to a garage and wait for them to find a screw that fitted. After that he had just been driving like a maniac to catch up with us because he thought that we had had no problems. So Lee was actually way ahead of us enjoying his stay at a hostel in Hue. We still had some driving to do to catch him up.
Now that is a hair!

"No sir, don't like" 

Here's some live footage taken on my "GoPro" which means that it's taken with my regular camera using my left hand. Sorry about the soundtrack ;)

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