Monday, October 13, 2014

Have a look at me having my first coffee cup ever. Yes, EVER!!11!!!1

I might have mentioned in my earlier posts that I've done some things differently since I left Finland for this journey. For example I've been drinking tea. In Finland I never drank tea. I also started drinking beer again after I don't know maybe ten 8 years of not drinking it. I drank my first bottle of red wine in Croatia earlier. None of the beverages mentioned above are still not my ultimate favourites but I have no problems when it comes to consuming those.  So I still had like the drink of the drinks on my "Why Not"-list. Oh the number of my why not moments so far, oh the number of 'em.
So in my mind I had given in for the thought that one day I just might try coffee. I was just waiting for the perfect moment for me to try it.
I met this Latvian girl in Istanbul (where I'm still when writing this entry) and she just happened to be a coffee junkie. I enjoyed her and Ricardos whom she was traveling with company and since she seemed to know her coffee I told her about my "disability" and she took it quite seriously and we decided to take care of that business the next day.
So after a sleepless night hence the excitement of having my first coffee ever we headed to the "hipster-town" in the European side of Istanbul and searched for the perfect coffee shop for my maturation rite. With butterflies in my belly I sat down and waited for my hot Java. As a noobie we had discussed about the type of coffee I should start with. A double Espresso might just be a bit too bitter for my unaccustomed taste but on the other hand I didn't like the idea of drinking milk from a coffee cup so we also had agreed to skip Caffé latte. Cappuccino it was! Milky foam to ease me with the taste but still enough coffee to lose my virginity properly.

Check it here!

Coffee untouched and pure.
Do I have the guts to do it. My mentor and Shaman, Elina,
in the background taking care that everything is as it
should for my first coffee.
Just watch me do it!
I emptied it all by my self
(a little memento for Elina and Ricardo)


  1. Hieno tukka ja töyhtö <3

  2. Onhan tuo vähän venähtänyt mutta kun on laiska kakkiainen tuon turparin suhteen.