Saturday, September 6, 2014


After Croatia I decided to go to Sarajevo, Bosnia. Some people just told me good things about the place and I was like, why not! 
Even though I think that the gods for travellers are usually in my favour there’s just something wrong with the busses. If all the window seats are taken but there’s no one on aisle seats I’m always the first one to get somebody sit next to me or I get a really smelly one sitting in front of me. It was a 10 hours bus ride from Split to Sarajevo and this time I got a singer sitting behind me. So 10 hours of singalong with Serbian and Bosnian hits. Oh yeah, and there was plenty of empty window seat available when I entered the bus but this one woman decided that she wants to sit in the seat that was printed in her ticket. Nobody else didn’t give a rat’s ass about the seats. So I moved to opposite side and hence I got the singer dude sitting behind me.

First mistake I did in Bosnia was to try to buy roasted pork from a restaurant where we made a pitstop on my way to Sarajevo. The waitress looked at me condescendingly and said “It’s not pork, it’s lamb” and at that moment I realised that I’m in a country whit muslim majority. 
The second mistake was not to drink my daily dose of herbal liquor to calm my stomach. Due to that I had my first food poisoning of the trip. Damn you Burek! 10 hours of vomiting and shitting. I for sure left my mark to Sarajevo’s sewage system. Haven’t been eating Burek since :)

Sarajevo has huge amounts of history and it’s been only 20 years since last war. Not to mention the Franz Ferdinand assassin. I’m not gonna go to details about that but everybody realises there’s still lots of scars and wounds from that war. Every day I passed this one cemetery where all the grave stoned had the date of death between 1992-1995. Approximately 300 mortar shells hit Sarajevo everyday during it’s 44 months siege. If you have the opportunity to visit the citys, do it. 
One of the too many cemeteries in Sarajevo


Bridge. Yep, it's a bridge.

old school trams in Sarajevo

Valley next to Sarajevo

Sarajevo Rose, means some one died in this spot
from a mortar shell. You can see the shrapnel holes in
the wall

History. This is the corner where Franz Ferdinand
got killed. 

Shrapnell holes.

Enormous hay stack in Sarajevo =)


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