Saturday, July 19, 2014

Food journalism

Go to a local pub and as there where to eat unless you're having a Döner. What I did was that I asked the owner of an Irish pub where to eat. As a result I've now eaten two times with such a satisfaction that I'm gonna spend some euros in that pub later on today.
I'm now in Garmin-Partenkirschen but it's still gonna take some time when I get here blog wise but I'm still gonna do this blog entry now. And trust me when I say that the pictures don't do justice to these dishes. There's nothing fancy, no glamour but the taste...oh the taste!

How do you recognize a good restaurant? It's crowded? No, even the crappiest restaurant can be packed because of ones location. You know you're in a good restaurant when the waitress tells you that you might need to wait for a while because the restaurant is quite full and they make everything by themselves. Nothing, and I mean nothing was semifinished. I've got all the time I need so I said to the waitress that I'm  gonna stick here. Just give me something to drink while waiting and were good. I almost chose chicken salad but some how I heard myself ordering pepperschnitzel. 

I'm zipping my Radler (beer with lemonade)when in comes this quite nice portion of salad. I almost  complained for not ordering a salad as I realized that was only a entree. Whoa. In Finland you would have to pay like 8€ for this salad as a main course during lunch time. And then came in the Schnitzel! And it was good! Home made, fresh, excellent pepper sauce. Just wunderbar! Oh the price for this joy was only 9.90€ Muahhahhahaaa.
My entree which I knew nothing about. It was included


And the other good experience was my pizza today. Owners of the Restaurant were from Italy which doesn't necessarily mean that they can make a good pizza but this pizza was. And it was huge! And only 7€ and some cents.
Ham, salami and mushrooms

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