Thursday, June 12, 2014

What the hell is going on in Germany?? (Im sorry my German friends, couldn't resist it)

Just another beautiful day in my friends garden when all the sudden I hear distant roaring. Antti shouts to me "Come look Teemu. What is that in the air???" OMG. Its a Zeppelin! Im starting to have a bad feeling about that and my memory runs through documentaries and pictures dated back some 70+ years. This cant be happening now. Not here.

Led, just Zeppelin

Zeppelin went on its way but the destruction and mayhem was shocking. I heard that there was 6 casualties and lots of material damage. This is how Wattenscheid looked in the morning.
From Antti's front yard.

That damn tree fell right over the wood shed we had just
finished day earlier. Darn!

Bushy fence

"Well, now it's easy to change the oil" <-one kid said that
whilst passing by :D

"Honey, why can't I buy a cabriolet?"

Noooooo, my granpa's Volvo is being ruined!

Who's that fat dude and what's he's problem? A chainsaw, you
must be kidding?

The tree that fell to garden after some chopping. Yar!

This is the tree that decided to invade Antti's peaceful garden
of love

A tree hugger is a tree hugger no matter how big the tree...


Antti carrying a branch. Imagine the size of the tree where
that one came from. Yes, it was big!

Kungfu kick and the tree fell hard

Pull my finger!

Chop chopoti chop. After lots of chopping and sweating we
managed to break free form the enchanted tree.

So it was a two days arbeitlager (working camp) In Anttis back yard. Thank Antti for that. Manual labour hasn't killed anyone ever.....errr...wait a minute.... It's better that I shut up now :)

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