Monday, June 9, 2014

Helsinki to Wattenscheid (6.6.2014)

Those of you who read my previous blog might remember some problems with getting in time to my plane or getting into correct train. Things are basically the same even though I did catch my plane the correct day this time. Hey, some times you can mix up fridays and saturdays. 
I flew to Düsseldorf via Copenhagen which is known for its capability to lose luggage. Even though I knew this I decided to fly that route since the cheapest flight kind of demanded it. 
So Im waiting for my luggage in Düsseldorf and all the others have already gotten their luggage and even the next group of people are getting theirs. I cant believe  my luck. This was the first flight and the first day  of my trip and somehow Im already without my luggage. All you can do is to ask from the airport personnel what to do. Ooohlalaa! My backpack was waiting for me in a place for special luggage. No one just managed to tell it to me! And the strangest thing is that all other backpacks were on the regular conveyor belt?! Well, the wait basically cost me only one train or 30 minutes to put in a easier way, 
After I had tried to buy my train ticket to Wattenscheid from a bank automat which was not embarrassing at all, I managed get to the right platform for the train. My friend Antti had promised to fetch me from Wattenscheid if I only let him know when. 
Damn you Germans! I have no trust in your punctuality anymore. First the train was 5 minutes late and then 20 minutes late but the funniest thing is that I noticed a poster saying something about Wattensheid and 6.6 friday. “excuse me sir, my Deutsche is not so good so could you tell me what this poster says. Am I correct that this train is not gonna stop in Wattenscheid today?” Just my luck. I was waiting for the right train but the right train did not gonna stop on my stop that day. “Change of plans Antti. This train is not gonna stop in Wattensheid this day so where do you want me to drop off?”

But hey, Im in Wattenscheid now and the weather is amazing. 30°degrees. This is a good place and way to start my journey. 
Me and B. Nana. Notice the socks with my
friends Crocs, yes, for your eyes my friends! :D

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