Thursday, June 19, 2014

German national Volleyball team.

Can't believe my luck! Somehow my presence in Germany was noted by the head coach of German national Volleyball team and he asked if I had time to join them for one game as a V.I.P. How could I say no as they promised me the VIP balcony and food and drinks as well. All they wanted in return was some hint and tips from B. Nana to get their game in shape. There was some problems with defence so me and B.Nana were more than happy to give our assistance.

To be honest, I didn't know that Volleyball is so huge in Germany. Dude, have a look at the indoor sport stadium they're playing the world cup games. The audience was nuts about the game and the players enjoy's a rock star status or at least Beckham style admiration. 
I managed to smuggle my camera to the game even though they're quite strict about the security

B.Nana in a middle of tactical time out

Me and B.Nana checking the net. I was up to the standards.

Me, B.Nana and a bunch of some German celebrities in my VIP balcony.

B.Nana got a little wild at some point but I talked some sense to her

Here's B.Nana with the not so winning but all giving team.
Go greens!

After the game we had a limousine ride to Düsseldorf and we were given a private lodge in the club mostly visited by celebrities and David Hasselhoff.

That drunken hobo in the front tried to get a bit intimate with B.Nana
but me and Julia kept him away. 
Here we are drinking Dom Perignon in our lodge. We meaning
Jennifer, me, B.Nana, Patrick and Julia.
Thank you guys and girls!

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