Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cologne (14.6.2014)

Don't blame in on me! You can't get pass it if you're coming by train so why not do it. I won't promise that this is my last church of this trip but there won't be many to come. That much I can promise. Ah, I'm of course talking about the mighty Dome of Cologne. Been there, done that, check! There one cool detail though so the visit wasn't completely in vain. Look where the organist plays! It's been said that one organist in the 1789 jumped from the balcony because he played one wrong note! ;)
Dome of Cologne. Hey, it rimes!
Just to make sure it's me...
And now to the reason why I was in Cologne after all. Birthday party! Almost had my funny hat with me. To be honest, I didn't know the person I was gonna celebrate but who cares about that. As long as there's party keg (and there was), drunken people (and there was), more alcohol (and there was), party snacks (and there was), it's gonna be good!
After waiting for a while to get the natives in the right mood for speaking english and to get them over the fact that I'm drinking sparkling wine rather than beer, things started to go into right direction! I really a blast. Here's a few pictures from the party. Thanks to everybody in the party!
Birthday girl licking B. Nana. No, she don't mind it, B.Nana I mean.

This one guy is suffocating on B.Nana while others enjoy it.

Me and my tattoo. It says YARRR. Because I'm the Pirate
speaking Viking.... It's a bit sad that the tattooist wasn't sober.
The letter A is a bit off line

This is the way to do it! Im sure this dude loves his tattoo in the morning.

Greetings to Finland from this dude from Cologne!


  1. Nice tattoo! Not bad at all, considering that neither the tattooist nor the tattooee was sober...
    "Always be yourself. Unless you can be a pirate - the always be a pirate."

  2. Errr, it could have been possible for me to be sober but I wasn't. "You land lubbers!"