Thursday, June 18, 2015

Slippery Senoritas or not

So what has happened in Malaysia so far:

After KL I headed to Cameron highlands, as you might remember, to do some trekking there and trekking was good. I really liked the place the most interesting thing was that after a long time I had a travelling buddy. It was really weird to go buy a bus ticket together with this dude after going solo for such a long time. Thank you Craig. It was nice to travel with you. No fuzz, no stress, just taking it easy. We shall meet someday for a pint. 
Me and Craig in Georgetown, having drinks from a bag.

There's some more pictures from Cameron Highlands. Sweet spot.

That is tea my friends. A lot of tea. 

Mushrooms! Yesh!
Panorama from one of the hikes I did.
Hitchhiked back to the town after a nice and muddy hike.
After two 4x4 pickup trucks we were back at the town. 
From the Highlands me and Craig headed to Penang and especially to a place called Georgetown (from here on GT) where the selfie was taken. I was told that the food is good and ladies hot in Penang. Didn't get to witness any of the former but the food was good. We had big plans to go to a place called Slippery Senoritas but the humidity and hotness of Georgetown just wore us out and after a couple of brewskies Slippery Senoritas was way less intriguing than the hostels nice air conditioned dorm and bed. Managed to avoid SS for 5 days...

Some of you might know the Durian fruit. It's basically forbidden in every hotel/hostel because of it's, how to describe it, quite distinctive smell :D Well luckily there just happened to be some kind of festivities going on in GT and it was just impossible to avoid the smell. Btw, it doesn't taste even nearly as bad as it smells. 
They even had this "statue" to praise the mighty Durian fruit. 
That is probably the biggest Durian I have ever seen.
If any of you are heading to GT, please skip the Fort Cornwall. It was the biggest rip off sight I have seen in a long time. You pay 20RM (6€) to enter the fortress and that's it. There absolutely nothing inside, nothing. And I even really like fortresses.
This is me feeling blue after being
ripped off. This was by far the
"coolest" thing inside the fortress. 
GT and the Penang Island as whole was a really cool place. I shall post some more pictures on a separate entry later on. 
I had one funny incident there though. I rented a scooter to go around the whole island and at one point I had a glimpse of the fuel gauge. Totally empty, already at the end of the red zone. Shiiit. I hadn't seen any fuel stations neither I knew where to find one. 
"Excuse me, Sir. Where could I find some gasoline." 
"Five kilometres that way is one." 
"I'm fucked"
He had look at my gauge and said:
"Naah, you'll be fine"
I didn't feel that confident.

I drove slowly to save fuel and finally got to and intersection he told me about. I now knew I was getting closer but so was my bike, getting closer to a stall. I felt the throttle getting unresponsive and I started shaking the bike to get the last drop of gasoline to the carb. Then I finally saw the gasoline station. My bike ran out of gasoline 20 metres from the pump. I guess the guy was right and I'm so glad I asked because I was originally heading to a dead end. Btw, I only ended up driving on the right  (being the opposite of left) side once and only for few metres.
There's GT
A beach Malaysian style. 
So sad, so sad. Empty buildings makes me sad. 
The coolest "fountain" ever!
Nice spot for a house, ay?
Craig left GT few days earlier than me to Langkawi, a duty free island and I was to follow him later on for his last day in Malaysia before heading back to UK. Craig took the easy way and bought a ferry ticker straight to Langkawi but I decided to save some money and do it the "hard" way, of course. Muahhahaa. Well basically bus+ferry+bus+ferry+something combination shouldn't be that hard. I'm just lucky I left the hostel in time. I don't know why but the staff there told me to go to a wrong ferry port. They're only like half a kilometre apart but on a tight schedule that would have been too much. So first bus+ferry done. For the next bus I had my ticket booked and printer since I knew that the busses to my next destination can be full booked, which they were btw. Lucky me for booking something in advance. The only annoyance was the no show by staff at the ticket counter. My ticket clearly said that I should check at the ticket office the day of travel. So there I am at the counter with a load of others waiting for somebody to change my printed ticket to a proper one. Ten minutes before the ETD I had no option but to try to enter the bus with my printed ticket. 
Shit, no problemo. So more 3/5 of the transportation means checked! So I arrived in to Kuala Perlis and next was gonna be the ferry to Langkawi. I was in luck. 30 minutes till the next ferry. My sitting place was on a smelly lower deck full of loud kids so I decided to see what else the ferry had to offer. Hell yeah, an upper deck with windows and basically no one there. After the trip the reason was clear. It was off limits and marked as for personnel only. Well they didn't say a thing to me =)
So the last thing was to get to my hostel in Langkawi. I had heard rumours that taxi was the only way and the tourist info confirmed it to me. Well, the 30RM (9€) that I had saved for taking the "harder" route paid my taxi. I was happy.

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