Saturday, July 5, 2014


We all need our bbq food every now and then and if I need it, I'm willing to do something about it. Hostel didn't have a grill (yet) so I asked where to get one. At that point other hostel guests were starting to get excited also. So I went through couple of supermarkets and found me a nice 19€ grill. Some charcoals to other arm pit and we were ready to to assemble the grill. No biggie! I can handle my tools. Ah, thats the problem. Well one screwdriver is all you need and luckily there was a tool shed. Yay!

Even though it's a cliche that food brings people together it's so true. When the word (and the smell) spread out that there's gonna be a bbq people were drooling around the yard just trying to chip in if they could.

BBQ, check!
Traditional Dutch cake a dessert, check!
Total food coma, check!
Nice Cuban cigar, check!

Sometimes life is just sweet.

Zucchini, tomatoes with olive oil&garlic and mushrooms with
bacon and creamcheese and a steak.

Feta salad with nice olive oil and fresh buns

Best burgers ever from the best butchers shop in whole
Netherlands and some chicken skewers.

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