Monday, June 9, 2014

Not a Gold Member (6.6.2014)

Ok guys and girls. Give me some girlie giggles!

Darn, thank god airplanes have air condition. Ive been sweating like a pig. Might have something to do with the ciders and the sparkling wine i drank yesterday or Im just fat and out of shape. I know what you're thinking, can be both! ;) 

First of many little incidents to come already happened. When I got to my gate at the airport I noticed that theres a some kind of SAS lobby for waiting travellers with water, fruits and stuff. Yay, happy days. I was thirsty after all. 
Well as you can imagine those kind of luxury items are not for the common folk, nor the ones that die, or for the ones that buy the cheapest tickets available. 
The man at the desk had a glimpse on my ticket, rised his eyebrows, and asked me, yet politely, “you dont happen to have your Gold Member-card with you” “Errrr, well no. I guess those bananas are not for me then” :D 

Well, its was worth a try. 

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