Friday, June 6, 2014

and there was a beginning...

Its time for my first entry and what a better place to do it than Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Im waiting for my flight and enjoying a nice glass of sparkling wine. A traditional way for me to start my journeys.

SitRep: Im homeless, jobless, and/but without debt.  I have renewed passport, some money but a limitless amount of time. My backpack is loaded with clean underwear. What more do you need.

Plan: My plan is no plan. Plenty of plans means plenty of disappointments....yes, some might call me pessimistic. I just try to as open as possible to any opportunities and places of interest. I might end up rubbing my nose against an Inuite (dont know how that´s spelled correctly) or not. I can spend my money in a month and head back home. I also have the opportunity to stay abroad many years if something worth it steps to my life.

So, all you lazy bastards, friends, ex-colleagues and others who wishes to do something like this, but wont make it, now is your chance to live through my exploitations.....errr...explorations in different places around the world.

Please enjoy my blog and be not afraid of commenting.

Yours, Teemu Paananen

ps. This is a public blog, so you can spread the URL as much as you wish.


  1. You were on the right day at the airport this time? :)
    Looking forward to follow your updates. Hope that you will have a fantastic journey!

  2. Touche! This time I was on right day at the airport but everything did not go as planned. I shall tell about that later on! Yar!

  3. Upseerien malja! :)

    T. Varkku

  4. You are so free to do what ever you want right now, again. I hope that you find whatever you need or seek. Have a intresting and wonderful journey my dear <3