Tuesday, June 17, 2014

First Döner (national Dish of Germany) of my trip (12.6.2014)

I must confess that it took a week for me to get my first Döner. A whole week!!! And I'm in Germany god damned. I'm ashamed. I've been talking about Döner from the day I set my foot on this country. After all, I basically lived on Döners when I was in Berlin for a week couple of years ago. It's cheap, delicious, nutritive and did I forgot to mention that it's cheap.

Ok, so me and my friend Jennifer were visiting a Biergarten (beer garden) in Werden, Essen. Yes, I did drink a bier and it wasn't even my first of this trip. Those who know me knows that I haven't been drinking beer for many years now and yes there's a reason for that... But back to the Döner. So we asked where to go for a Döner. There was one place just around the corner but it served only Greece style Gyros and thats not what we were after. 

"Well there's a Döner Station across the river" AAAAAhhhhh, now it's starting to sound a bit more like it. I had to take a picture of the place. There's even a picture from the Döner but it's still in the Jennifer's camera. 

But hey, what can you expect from a place that has got a word "station" in it's name. The employee was Turkish so in that way everything was going fine but the meat was a disappointment. It was the same kind of meat from Kebab-animals that we have in Finland and that not the real stuff! Yar I say. Other than that it was ok. The size was more than ok and the stuffings fresh. Even the hotness was just for my taste. So I'm still in a quest to have that real Döner.

Btw, no Mc Donalds or Burger King so far!

Me and Jennifer after Döner. 

Orange and yellow. I like it!

Two doggies enjoying themselves in the Biergarten

Damn! There's the dam!

Ruhr river. Biergarten behind the trees on right where the pier is.

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