Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Few thoughts on my way to Amsterdam (16.6.2014)

So, Germany done for this time. Always nice to visit there. Nice people, good food and good drinks. Now Im on my way to Amsterdam which I have somehow managed to avoid so far. Don't know why. I’ve booked hostel for 5 nights so there’s plenty of time to check what ever there is to check. Somehow I’ve managed also to avoid the biggest goofs so far but it’s also been so easy since I’ve had the opportunity to with stay with my friends. So the real adventure has just begun as  I’m sitting on a train to Düsseldorf and from there on to Amsterdam by bus. Happy days, Yarrr!

Dear Finnish comrades. 
If you think that ice hockey is big in Finland it’s still nothing compared to the madness caused by football (soccer) here in the old continent. It might be that one or two televisions might get thrown out of a window if we lose to our archenemy Sweden in ice hockey and if we happen to win the hockey championships there's a gathering some where but that's it. Here it’s all times 4, to say at least. All pubs and restaurants have at least 2 flat screens showing the game and I do mean every single of them. I guess only the high end wine&dine places might not show the games. And they're all full packed during a game. People live for...from football here. It’s amazing. Even I have been in a situation that I caught myself watching a game. I think it is the atmosphere rather than the game itself which I find very dull time to time. I have to give it this time though, there’s been quite a lot of goals in these championships and therefore the games have been more fun to watch.


post scriptum: As I'm writing this entry I'm sitting with B.Nana on a terrace of my Hostel in Hague. Relaxing and chilling.

B.Nana chilling out with her tattoo from Cologne

Laptop, Cuban cigar, beer and B.Nana.

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